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Open Field Farm - farm tour and cooking class

Our next Farm Class will be held at Open Field Farm in Petaluma. These popular classes are an inspiring way to see how and where your food comes from, and to meet the people who are growing it. Open Field Farm is a diversified farm, raising grass fed beef, pastured eggs, chickens, and turkeys, pork, while also growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, dry beans and corn, flowers, and small grains.

Mid-October is the perfect time of year at Open Field because summer tomatoes, zucchini  and peppers will still be in full swing, and we will also see the first of the fall crops such as winter squash and Swiss chard. We will start the day with a tour of the fields and will learn how farmers Seth and Sarah James use only organic and biodynamic farming practices. We will pick the produce for our cooking class directly from the plants—it doesn’t get any fresher or more local than that! The tour includes a pick-your-own herb garden, where students can snip fresh herbs to take home. After, we will prepare a seasonal lunch together using the absolute freshest produce from Open Field and then sit down for a feast together. The menu will include Grass Fed Open Field Beef Tacos with Grilled Vegetables and Field-Fresh salsas. We'll make our own tortillas from scratch!

Feel free to bring wine or beer to enjoy with lunch. Note: cell phones do not work on the farm, and you may not be able to reach us after 8 a.m. on the day of class.

EARLY BIRD tickets are $130 until Friday, September 23rd, after which the price will increase to $150.

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